About the Artist:


Brian Wallace
(AKA - Duckman)

  A great love for the outdoors has always held a high place in Brian's life. His passion for waterfowl stands unsurpassed. He spends every waking moment, thinking or day dreaming about the birds that are so much a part of him.

  Stemming from a family of sportsmen, Brian was first introduced to the wonderful world of waterfowl in a duck blind. Holding the beautiful specimens, his mind filled with hundreds of questions: How many different kinds were there? What do they eat? Where do they nest? He had to find out all he could about these wonderful creatures that GOD created. This started him on his journey, a journey which he continues on today.

  Brian began doing taxidermy in 1980 for pleasure. First doing birds and animals, but it didn't take him long to figure out where his true interest was. Being an avid waterfowl hunter supplied him many practice specimens, but in order to perfect his poses he needed reference, Live Reference. So he acquired a permit to raise waterfowl and built an aviary. This proved to be one of his most valuable learning tools. Spending numerous hours watching, studying, and photographing his birds quickly increased the quality of his work.

  Driven by the desire to better himself, Brian scheduled an extensive one on one training seminar with "World Champion Waterfowl Taxidermist - Kelly Seibels". The knowledge gained from Brian's mentor, spoke volumes during the his first taxidermy competition. Brian walked away with 1st. Place, Best of Show, and The People's Choice Award in the waterfowl division. Since then Brian has continued to take high honors at State, National, and World Competitions.

  Striving to be the Best, he continues to research the birds that intrigued him so long ago.

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