Shipping and Receiving Instructions

Wild About Fowl Wildlife Art Studio


Frozen Birds:

Packing Birds - Procedures to follow:

1. Please print out, complete, & sign our  "Work Order Form" and place in container/box with the birds!

2. Tag Birds - "Click here" for Tagging Requirements.

3. Be sure the bird/birds are frozen.

4. Place them in a plastic bag.

5. Place a few layers of newspaper in the bottom of the box/container.

6. Wad up newspaper or put in shipping peanuts for filler/insulation. (Use ice packs as an extra precaution, especially in the warmer   months.

7. Place a few layers of newspaper on top of contents before     sealing box.

Address Box to:

Wild About Fowl
2888 Wild About Fowl Lane
Ponce De Leon, FL 32455

Mark Containers (Ice Chest, Boxes, etc.) in lower left/right hand corner as follows:

As Per U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service(50CFR20.44):
(Species, Sex, & Amount of Birds per container)


As per U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service (50CFR20.44):
1 - Pintail/Drake

Ship by U.S. Post Office, U.P.S. or FedEx on Monday or Tuesday ONLY. (Ship next day or second day, depending upon on the time of the year.)

*Please notify us prior to shipping, so that we may be expecting the shipment!

Mounted Birds:

Return Shipping by - FedEx Ground

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