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Whether you are a Turkey, Upland Gamebird, or Waterfowl Hunter and plan to have your trophy bird mounted, a properly cared for bird will make the mounting process easier, take less time, and produce a higher quality mount. The following is a list of guidelines (if followed) will assist you in having the best possible mount.

First of all, you might want to make a "Field Care Kit" to take with you on your hunt:

~ Mesh Game Bag or Panty/Knee High Hose

~ Cotton Balls

~ Paper Towels

~ Peroxide

~ Wrapping Material (Thread/String)

These can easliy be stored in a tackle box, first aid kit, plastic bag, or in your hunting gear, so that you'll always have it with you on your outings.

Option #1:

Once you have chosen trophy/trophies carefully place a small of cotton into the mouth and large shot holes. This will protect the feathers from fluids. Once this is done set aside where air can circulate around the bird/birds and allow body heat to escape. As soon as you return home, wrap wet cotton balls/paper towels around the head and feet with string or thread. Then place the bird in panty/knee high hose (head first), then in a plastic ice bag, heavy garbage bag, or ziploc bag (appropriate size for the bird), and seal. This will prevent dehydration while frozen. Get the bird/birds in the freezer as soon as possible.

Option #2:

Get the bird/birds to us within a few days of your hunt and let us properly take care and store your trophies.

Note: If you hunt with a dog, if at all possible, try and personally retrieve the bird/birds yourself to prevent any ruffled or broken feathers.


 The Following is a List of Don'ts:

~ Don't ring the birds neck. You have two options in putting down a crippled bird:

(1) Grasp tightly around the breast, from behind the wings, and firmly squeeze for one to two minutes until it succumbs.

(2) Place the bird on the ground with the back facing upward, spread the wings out, place your knee in the center of the back, and press you weight firmly down until the bird succumbs. This will only take a very short period.

Both of these ways are safe, quick, and humane. Also, they won't damage your bird.

~ Don't field dress the bird. Bring it to us whole.

~ Don't place bird/birds in direct sunlight.

~ Don't place bird/birds in plastic bag, cooler/ice chest, or with other warm birds until they have had time to completely cool down.

~ Don't wrap bird/birds in newspaper, for this will draw out moisture from the skin and will cause severe freezer burn damage to both the feet and delicate tissue of the head.

~ Finally, don't keep bird/birds in a SELF DEFROSTING FREEZER for a long period of time. This will cause birds to dehydrate and develop freezer burn. If you don't have a deep freeze, get the birds to us as soon as possible.


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